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Jon Luc is a highly talented DJ and producer based in New York, known for his electrifying performances and remarkable collaborations. With a strong passion for music, Jon Luc has established himself as a prominent figure in the industry.


As a DJ, Jon Luc has held prestigious residencies in the vibrant Caribbean islands, where his captivating sets have garnered widespread acclaim. He has shared the stage with numerous renowned celebrities, including A$AP Ferg, 50 Cent, Lil Uzi Vert, Waka Flocka, Fetty Wap, A Boogie, and Trey Songz, solidifying his reputation as a sought-after collaborator.


Jon Luc's talent has not gone unnoticed by the media. His exceptional skills and unique sound have earned him recognition on various platforms. He has been featured on New York's premier radio station, Hot 97, where his mixes have captivated audiences. In addition, Jon Luc's talent has caught the attention of Eminem's satellite station, Shade 45, where he has been showcased on the influential morning show "Sway in the Morning." Furthermore, his music has been highlighted on Ebro's Apple Music, showcasing his versatility and artistry to a global audience.


Notably, Jon Luc's DJ mixes have garnered significant attention on SoundCloud, with thousands of plays. His mixes showcase his impeccable track selection and seamless transitions, captivating listeners from around the world.


With an unwavering dedication to his craft and a signature style that sets him apart, Jon Luc continues to make waves in the music industry. His dynamic DJ sets, innovative productions, and popular SoundCloud mixes have solidified his position as a true talent and a driving force in the world of music.

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